What's the issue?

Air pollution is responsible for 40,000 early deaths and over 20,000 hospital admissions every year across the UK.

It's an invisible threat, but one which damages every organ and every cell in the body.

Currently, legislation to protect public health from air pollution is weak and legal limits for fine particulate pollution or 'PM 2.5' - which is small enough to penetrate deep into the lungs - are more than double the targets recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Changes in our behaviour this year have led to significant falls in air pollution. The potential benefits of cleaner air are clear, but without stronger targets the Government has no obligation to ensure the safety of the air we breathe.

What can you do to help?

The health community has enormous potential to protect the public by advocating to political leaders, and, soon, MPs will be voting on an amendment to the Environment Bill to introduce a commitment to meeting WHO targets for PM2.5 pollution. 

Now is your chance to make a difference.


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